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Frequently Asked Questions

What will we discuss on this call?

We’ll review where your technology company is, how long you've been in market, how user acquisition and retention are going - and determine if we are the right fit for helping you get to the next level.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We work with companies that have a cloud-based solution, whether SaaS, app, or IoT. In terms of funding, we’re the right fit for a company that is Pre-Seed through Series A, privately funded, or bootstrapped. A typical Client has 0-1 Marketing Leaders in-house and needs more than a single fractional resource (more "do-ers") but less than a full team in order to grow.

What do your engagements look like?

For very early stage companies we will perform short, time-based projects that have defined upfront scope (a GTM Plan, an MVP Website). Once a company is past this and has a large enough user base, we work on both a project and a retainer basis to provide ongoing value and growth.

What are some examples of “User Acquisition content?”

Content that with the specific purpose of selling to, acquiring, and retaining users. Onboarding collateral. Helpdesk articles. User Guides and tutorials. Case Studies. Use Cases collateral. Sales process design & Sales Stage documentation. User onboarding email flows. Upsell, cross-sell, and cancellation strategy. You can see the list of content we create here.

How do we know you’re the right fit for us?

It will start with our initial conversation. We’re looking for motivated companies open to testing, curious, and ready to grow. We do our best to deliver high-quality, on-time work that hits the bullseye for your audience’s needs.

How soon will we see results?

The answer to this is: it always depends! We’ve seen Clients receive results from a simple landing page in as little as 1 week, or several months as we work to create all the content needed to acquire and maintain a user base. We work with our Clients to set realistic expectations and a mutually agreeable timeline to hit specific KPIs.

More questions?

The best place to get them answered is on a call. Book one today

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