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Get a clear roadmap for your go-to-market, create a polished online presence, and acquire users at scale. Let’s chat about how to spark growth for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will we discuss on this call?

We’ll touch on where your SaaS is as a company, your industry vertical, tech stack, GTM method, and the results of your user acquisition efforts so far - and determine if I am the right fit for helping you get to the next level.

What kind of companies do you work with?

Best-fit Clients:

  • B2B SaaS
  • Can include B2B services
  • Sells into SMB-enterprise targets
  • Sells into lagging or tech-averse audience
  • 2-Step Sales Assisted GTM (go-to-market) motion (including ABX - Account-Based Marketing/Sales)
  • $1M+ ARR
  • Bootstrapped
  • Post-PMF
  • No FT Marketing leader in-house
  • Founder-led Sales + 1-3 Sales reps
  • Under 10 FT employees

Medium-fit Clients:

  • B2C SaaS
  • Apps
  • Companies adding a PLG motion
  • Seed-Series A venture funded
  • 10-20 FT employees
  • In-house Marketing team in place

My goal is to get my clients on the path to $5M ARR by the end of our engagement.

What do your engagements look like?

Advisory Services are offered on a monthly basis with 4 meetings/month or 8 meetings per month. (1 Month = 30 calendar days)

Fractional Services are offered at a 4-month engagement, and range in monthly fee depending on how much strategy vs. execution work I will be performing. My fees for strategy only range between $5,000-$8,000/month. If there is execution work required (such as reconfiguring HubSpot Lead Statuses and Pipeline Stages to report and forecast correctly; redesigning the website) - I roll these fees into the monthly engagement to make it more affordable for Clients. Execution work bundled with strategic guidance can range from $12K - $15K/mo.

I have resources available for larger projects like website development and list-building, scoped as separate paid projects.

How do we know you’re the right fit for us?

It will start with our initial conversation. We’re looking for motivated companies open to testing, curious, and ready to grow. I do my best to deliver high-quality work that moves the needle for your company and customers, while juggling the competing priorities of the scaleup phase.

How soon will we see results?

A Fractional engagement is a commitment to building the foundational leadership, strategy, process, and systems to grow. Typically Clients see benefits and ROI from the investment within the first 30 days, often within the first 2 weeks as systems get sorted out, reporting becomes clearer, and the path to growth is built.

More questions?

The best place to get them answered is on a call. Book one today.

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