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RevvSpark was founded as a go-to-market agency helping early stage technology companies establish themselves, reach new users, and growth.

Founder Carly J. Cais offers Fractional Leadership services: Fractional GTM Leader, Fractional CMO, Fractional Head of Growth. The RevvSpark team is available to take on larger projects outside the Fractional Leader role scope.

What I Do

I help B2B SaaS companies align their Marketing & Sales efforts and scale from $1M to $5M ARR.

I typically work directly with early-stage founders, first Marketing hires, and small in-house Marketing teams to amplify their efforts and help the business reach the next level. I provide the GTM Plan with market capture campaigns built for the specific audience, product, and vertical. I help consolidate the look and feel of the company face for the website, landing pages, and social media channels so the company appears on solid footing as a real competitive alternative. I leverage buyer psychology and painpoints, product expertise, and customer information to create collateral that helps buyers easily choose your solution. I also help address churn prevention strategies and create content that enhances the stickiness and user-friendliness of the product.

I am a Product Marketer meets Growth Marketer, combined with strategist and tactician, CRM and ops whisperer, documentation and dashboard master, tech stack builder and and your Go-To-Market sherpa as you navigate the early stages of startup to scaleup growth.

My Why

To empower people with better technology that impacts lives for the best.

My Values

Extreme Integrity

Lifelong Leveling Up

Laser Efficiency


Shared Success

About Me: Carly J. Cais

I am an entrepreneur and multiple business owner who entered the SaaS industry in 2016. An animator and video producer by training, I fell into Marketing by creating my first website (for fun) back in 2001. I went on to work with a variety of companies in consumer entertainment, ecommerce, blogging, B2B services, and eventually B2B SaaS and apps; building websites, managing social media and communications, designing collateral, copywriting, and growing a customer base. After years working in-house to run Growth Marketing and consulting for early-stage startups, in 2021 I launched RevvSpark, which has evolved over time from a consultancy to an agency to Fractional services.

I can be found most frequently on LinkedIn, deep in a forest foraging for mushrooms, or working on my latest startup in stealth mode. I am also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Startup to Scaleup: $100K Growth Secrets of SaaS Founders.

I live in the Portland, Oregon metro area with my son and the noisiest torbie in the world.

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